De Reis van 5


‘De Reis van 5″ (The Journey of 5) is an interactive toolkit to help children with cancer to help them discover flavours again.

During the intensive treatment period of someone with cancer, a lot changes – taste, for example. What used to be a child’s favourite dish, can now be causing nausea. Strange cravings can occur at unusual hours. One of the children in our test group would wake up at 2 AM and couldn’t sleep of before having chicken drumsticks! Not surprisingly, under- and overweight occur in a lot of cases during or after the child’s treatment.

Food isn’t the first priority when fighting cancer: the medical treatment is. Many don’t realize that the state of your physical body, the food you put into it and the amount of exercise can affect the duration and course of the treatment. You are obviously more resilliant to bacteria, when your body and immune system are strong.

UMCG (University’s Medical Centre Groningen) asked us to come up with a solution. Immediately questions came up like:
Where do parents turn to when their child is not eating (properly)?
How do you involve a child in daily tasks like cooking and doing groceries?
What kind of addition to everyday life could help kids to look at food differently?

We started out with a very extensive research using a combination of Design Thinking and SCRUM. After months of research with children, parents, hospital staff and other important parties, ‘de Reis van 5′ was created.

De Schijf van 5 (the disc of five) is a tool the health department of the Netherlands uses to inform people about healthy food and the quantities they should be taken in. Because this informative image is not appealing to kids, we’ve decided to let them make a journey. They keep track of their journey with a huge world map and an iPad application that tells them what to discover where.


The journey of discovering flavours passes every continent, where games and experiments can be done via an application. The toolkit is made of:
– A huge world map to keep track of the journey
– Application with assignments and recipes + additional information for parents
– Starting kit for a setting up a kitchen garden
– Shopping basket tool – 3D printed devider to be put in a childrens’ shopping basket. The size of the gaps will show how much of every food group (grains, fruits, protein etc) is healthy.

Research, concept and visualization was a group effort by Lilian Jacobs, Wesley Krippendorf, Mitchell Nagtegaal, Koen Borghols, Tim de Jager and myself. Besides research and concept, I was the visual designer.

After six months, a new group has taken up the project and handle its further development.


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