Miffy in Korea / 한국의 미피


There’s literally nothing more Dutch than Nijntje. Miffy. The Utrecht-born illustrator Dick Bruna has won the hearts of all the Nederlanders. Nowadays the stories about the cute bunny have reached all the corners of the earth, including South-Korea.

Apart from the language, the story is the same. How can someone living 10.000 kilometres away grow up reading the same stories (and relate to them!), taking place in the same simple Dutch countryside? Where Miffy cycles to school in the morning and iceskates in winter?

Time to introduce Miffy, Korean style. This book is showing Dutch culture on one side, taking the original illustrations that have become famous worldwide. When you flip the inner page, the Dutch setting shifts to a Korean one. Both illustrations are explained with facts – in English and Korean language.

The biggest challenge in this project was language. It was my first time to ever design something in Korean script, hangeul. My feeling or understanding of the script didn’t exist yet. I had no clue in wether a paragraph would look visually appealing for a Korean or not at all. Eventually, with help of many friends things started falling in place. Not long after this I designed my first Korean logo.

+1 for learning new languages!


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